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Dash diet and Mediterranean diet voted as the best overall diets

Saturday, November 5, 2011 14:16
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November 5, 2011. A recent ‘diet ranking’ by 22 experts (under the supervision of health section), nominated the DASH diet and the Mediterranean diet as the world’s healthiest diets. This is no surprise at all since we have been talking about these diets for a very long time.  In our article last week we explained the real benefits of the Mediterranean diet which go beyond weight loss and DASH diet is included in our ranking for the best weight loss programs.

Both the DASH diet and Mediterranean diet share similar concepts. They are based on the principle of eating healthy food in moderation without exaggerations and by giving preference to lean protein, fruits and vegetables, whole grain and low fat dairy.

The DASH diet can help prevent and lower high blood pressure (hypertension) and was developed with the endorsement of The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI).Besides the benefits of lowering blood pressure the DASH diet can also accelerate weight loss in a healthy manner.

On the other hand, The Mediterranean diet is considered as a heart healthy diet, can help prevent cancer, improve mental health and increase longevity. It is not just a diet but a lifestyle which encourages activity and other healthy habits. One of the unique characteristics of med diet is the consumption of wine in moderation and the excessive use of olive oil.

The other 3 diets that made it to the top of the list are:

TLC (Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes)– Created by the national health institute and offers more flexibility than other commercial diets.

Weight Watchers Diet – The best diet among the commercial diets

Mayo Clinic – A healthy diet but not very effective for long term weight loss.

In addition to the above list we would add our own Combination Diet which is based on Mediterranean diet principles. It is also flexible and not restrictive. You can read more in our previous post: Lose weight with the Combination diet.

Certainly if you are looking for healthy ways to lose weight the DASH diet and the Mediterranean diet are the best you can get, not neglecting the effectiveness of TLC, Weight Watchers, Mayo Clinic and Combination diet.

In general when choosing a diet to lose weight you should always select a diet that you can follow and can fit in your own lifestyle. Avoid restrictive diets and prefer non-commercial diets since these are created for the whole purpose of helping you lose weight and life healthier and not for the intention of making profit.

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