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Ultra-Processed Foods are the True Killers

Tuesday, July 2, 2013 18:39
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Everyday we read about the evils of processed foods, but it’s really the ultra-processed food that we need to be concerned about.

Processed foods with 1 to 3 ingredients aren’t likely to cause harm, it’s the products with 10 to 20+ that should cause alarm.

Michael Pollan and Michael Moss Give us an interesting tour of the grocery store in this video.

Pretty crazy that yogurt companies have to compete to put the most sugar in their products! I guess unless we work in the food industry, we have no idea how cutthroat it really is.

I will occasionally eat ultra-processed food, but as a general rule I try to avoid it 99% of the time. It is difficult for many since so much of the supermarket is full of this type of food.

Do you eat ultra processed foods? What strategies do you use to avoid it?

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