Please Help: Ex-nurse, Herbalist, Fat and Confused! [Forum]

Friday, September 24, 2010 18:19
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Please, read this in its entirety. I am not lacking knowledge by any means. I just think I am missing something and would love some advice to maybe jar my memory.

I am 41, 5’7 weigh 210 look like I’m only about 180. But, Im done with the body builder look, I want to lose weight and tone. I have tried everything. I think there is something wrong that I am not getting. I dont drink any soda, i drink water all day, cup of hot tea at bedtime(no sugar). I dont eat any bread,processed foods,candy and I actually dont like salt. I love spicy foods, take a multi vitamin every day. Do pilates 3 times a week, yoga twice a week. And walk the big doggies 3-5 times a week 3-5 miles every time. I am a very busy, active person. Only sleep maybe 6 hours a night and Im ok with that, hardly ever feel drained or tired. Do not drink any alcohol. Ride bicycle to grocery store and eat mainly fruits and vegetables and nuts. I do eat bison instead of hamburger. And I have a small stomache where I have to eat 4-5 small meals a day, large meals hurt me and will bloat me. I do take fiber daily too.

Not sure if Im forgeting something? Oh-Im sure I eat around 1200-1500 calories a day have kept a diary log-so now what?? I will lose 5 lbs, then gain 7 back? I have eaten this way for years-but it seems that Im actually gaining faster? I have to have something medically wrong? I have tested bloodsugar too just in case and Im pretty darn normal. Stay around 80-112. PLEASE SOMEONE-I beg anyone to show me the light. What am I doing wrong? Or what is wrong? I have had thyroid tested 6 times!! They just say normal levels?? I am so lost. Thank you!!

Interview With Ben Davis: "My 120 Pound Journey"

Friday, September 24, 2010 14:02
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In January of 2009, a young man by the name of Ben Davis had had enough. He was 358lbs, and his weight was taking its toll on his health and his personal life. Then one day he started to run…

If you haven’t seen this incredibly inspiring video, do yourself a favor and watch it. Then watch it again, and share it with others. Ben Davis’ journey is a true testament of the human spirit and what one can accomplish with dedication, hard work (and some nipple band aids!)

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Do You Lack Motivation to Exercise?

Thursday, September 23, 2010 9:59
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One of the best ways to overcome a lack of motivation to exercise, is to find a healthy role model.

But forget Angelina Jolie, or Hugh Jackman, this is Carol Burns… and she’s the real deal!

So, what’s Carol’s advice to the slackers amongst us?

Hey, get off your duff, and get over here and workout… it works for me!

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How Can I Lose Weight Without Losing Muscle Mass? [Forum]

Wednesday, September 22, 2010 12:24
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I am a male, 5’10”, 147 lbs., exercising 4-6 times a week for approx. 2 hrs per exercise. My workouts are very intensive, since I train for mountain biking races. It is not unusual for a 2 hr ride to have an altitude gain of 3,000 ft, which, when combined with technical terrain such as rocks and high altitude makes up for quite a calorie expenditure.

I do some basic strength training: pull-ups, push-ups, etc, no heavy lifting involved. My question is: what is the best approach to lose a couple of pounds without losing any muscle mass.

The reason why I am asking is because last summer I was 2 lbs lighter and that really did help on long ascents, however it had a drawback of feeling weak sometimes when overtaking a big rock or another obstacle which required raw muscle power for a few seconds at a time.

Thanks for your input!

Helpful Resources for Eating Right? [Forum]

Wednesday, September 22, 2010 11:16
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I recently posted another post regarding weight loss before I get pregnant. My problem is that I work FT and I get home late sometimes and I’m tired and lazy when it goes to meals. So I have been eating Lean cuisines which haven’t seemed to help me lose weight. I eat them cause they are so easy and portioned controlled but I hear loaded with salt. So what is good to eat?? My previous post, people suggested to eat vegs/fruits. I appreciate that so now I need to know what to eat. Can anyone recommend a diet or resources for quick recipes. I can’t eat salad for the next month but honestly if that is what will work great. Once I get pregnant, I don’t want to eat salads also because I want to make sure the baby is going to get nutrition. I do take a mulit-vitatmin daily but is that enough?

I’m a white female, 5’6, 155lbs, 32 years old, and I want to lose about 20 lbs before the end of Oct. I always wanted lean legs as that is where my weight lies:hips, butt, and now I’m seeing cellulite in my arms which I never had(I have it on my thighs). I need help guys. I will also try and drink lots of water-how much though? I’m so clueless. I also try and jog everyday, which i’m not consistent at because I try and go at night and I”m tired. I’m not an early bird but how do I change and wake up at 6am to go jogging! Can anyone help, please!!!! I feel gross. One of the worst parts is that I feel muscle under the fat but cant lose it.

Thanks for reading! I’m frustrated!

Poll: Hugh Jackman May Bulk Up Vegan for Wolverine II

Wednesday, September 22, 2010 10:37
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A few weeks ago our weekly poll focused on how a vegan diet almost killed Angelina Jolie.

Now it’s been reported that Hugh Jackman is considering using a vegan diet to bulk up for his next movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine II. If a vegan diet almost “killed” Angelina will it produce a ripped, fierce, yet vegetarian wolverine?

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Belly Fat Cure

Wednesday, September 22, 2010 10:04
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The Belly Fat Cure by Jorge Cruise has found its way to the New York Times Best Seller List, and is one of the latest diets hoping to appeal to the millions of people who struggle with obesity.

Jorge Cruise is also the author of the popular 3 Hour Diet, which instructed dieters to eat every three hours to lose weight.

So, what does Cruise’s new diet promote in order to help dieters lose belly fat and the promised “4 pounds a week“?

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Can We Legislate Photoshop Use?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010 22:03
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To those who aren’t aware: EVERYTHING is photoshopped. Every image you see on a magazine cover is not real.

“I don’t think there’s a single photograph in those (magazines) that’s not retouched. They’re all manipulated to hell.” Hany Farid, Dartmouth College

A number of countries are beginning to discuss how they might legislate against the practice.

Can we really ask governments to stop what we as consumers (apparently) desire?

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Would This Amount of Exercise Be Considered "Moderate"? [Forum]

Tuesday, September 21, 2010 15:55
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today I did a “guts, butts, and thighs” class

It felt like a pretty good workout, but I’m in shape so I wasn’t sure, I did hear others say how much it made them sore but idk if I will be feeling that.

the class was an hour and afterward I talked to the instructor and asked her how many calories she estimated it burned. she said of course it depends on weight, which I know, but she she estimates it around of 600 because it is an anaerobic class which mixes cardio and strength.

after the class I ran 3 miles, 2 were a jog and 1 was a six minute mile

then i did some more ab workouts and a little more leg workouts for about 20 minutes

would you consider this moderate exercise or hard exercise?

this will probably only be 1 day a week cause the class is only one day a week

tomorrow I will probably run about 5 miles and do about 30-45 min of strength training

wed. i have a soccer game for an hour

thursday: will be a cardio kickboxing class for an hour then probably run 2 miles, then a hip-hop class
after i will do strength for 30 min

fri-sat are usually breaks
but i might go to a club where i dance for at least 2 hours nonstop and thats gotta be some exercise

and another day i’ll probably go for a 3-5 mile walk

but overall the weekends are rest days

the main point is would you considerate my exercise moderate or heavy?

I Need to Lose Weight Before I Get Pregnant [Forum]

Tuesday, September 21, 2010 11:53
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Hi All! I need some advice. I am 5’6, 155lbs female and I’m 32 years old. I am going to start to try and get pregnant next month and need to drop some weight before I get pregnant (fingers crossed it happens the first try). My weight lies in my hips and butt. I have been watching what I have been eating and trying to jog an hour every day(its about 5 miles outside). I started a “diet”:

1 cup of coffee, skim milk, splenda
1 lean hot pocket breakfast
1 motts apple sauce cup
Lean cuisine meal
1 string cheese
lean cuisine meal
I’ll have a Skinny cow ice cream sandwich

I am still not dropping weight and I’m afraid of gaining the baby weight. Any advice will help. I really wanted to drop 20 lbs but I don’t think that can happen. Advice? Thanks for reading!

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