10 snacks under 100 calories for your sweet tooth

Sunday, November 11, 2012 8:05
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100 calorie snacks

You sometimes need to eat something sweet but at the same time you do not want to ‘break’ your diet. Finding low calorie snacks and desserts can be a challenge, so here are some recipes and snacks less than 100 calories to keep around the house for those moments of temptation. They are delicious and easy to prepare and will satisfy your sweet tooth without adding extra calories to your daily diet.

Chocolate covered banana

This tasty treat is one that you can make on your own or get in the frozen foods aisle of your supermarket.  Chocolate covered bananas make for an excellent dessert with only a few calories and yet numerous health benefits!  When making your own chocolate covered banana you want to use half a banana and about a half ounce of dark chocolate.   For frozen bananas you can check the nutrition label for calorie information, but often they are smaller bananas than what you would see in the fresh produce aisle.

Mini fruit filled crepe

Crepes make a great sweet snack because they can be bought or made in large quantities and quickly wrapped with some fresh fruit for a refreshing and low-calorie treat.  The crepes you make or buy should be only about 5 inches across or else should be cut in half.  Fill with ½ cup of fruit such as cinnamon apples.  For breakfast the thin, delicate sweetness of a crepe is also a great alternative to its heavier cousin, the pancake.


Mix a third a cup low-fat frozen yogurt, a cup of frozen berries, and a handful of ice and blend for 20 seconds for an excellent on-the-run snack.  Since all of the ingredients are frozen there is no concern for fruit spoiling.  Those who usually buy fresh product may even have a reason to switch; frozen berries are picked at their peak and often have more nutrients than fresh fruit that is out of season.

Kettle Corn

Among the greatest inventions of the popcorn industry is the 100-calorie microwavable bag.  If you’ve never tried kettle corn it is lightly sweet and salty.  Add that to the vast amount of fiber popcorn can add to the diet and you’ve got yourself a healthy yet sizable treat.


Dried mango

1 ounce (about 3 large pieces) of unsweetened dried mangoes is a snack great for those who like a bit of work to their food.  Other dried fruits make great snacks too but try to go for the unsweetened variety; I promise the fruit has enough sugar on its own!



Fancy coffee is not usually considered a snack, but it should be.  With sugar, cream, syrups, and chocolate as common ingredients it can be easy to get even as much as 400 calories in a large beverage!   So how do you get to a 100-calorie coffee?  First, order a coffee that is about the size you would get in a restaurant.

Most coffee joints offer 12 ounces as their ‘small’ portion, but for some this is simply not enough caffeine.  If you feel the need for an extra jolt, ask for another shot of espresso in your cup.  Coffee itself has virtually no calories and may actually have some antioxidant benefits.

A 12 oz. cappuccino made with 1-cup non-fat milk, and a single packet of sugar gets you to about 100 calories.  For adventurous coffee drinkers you can get a double shot of espresso, add a tablespoon of light cream, a tablespoon of chocolate syrup, and a packet of sugar for a small but stimulating dessert-like effect.

Chocolate covered walnuts

Walnuts are a very healthy nut and actually stay fresh longer when coated in chocolate! Combine about 4 walnut halves with about 15 grams melted dark chocolate (a quarter of a normal chocolate bar).   This snack is a bit high in fat, but also a good source of protein and sugar, which makes it a great pre- or post-workout treat.

A small box of raisins

This may be a flashback to your childhood lunchbox, but there are some great reasons to get more raisins in your day.  Grapes are rich in antioxidants that, like red wine, can help to prevent heart disease.  Additionally, these small boxes are easy to keep in a purse, a gym back, or at the office, making this snack ultra-portable as well as ultra-healthy.

Greek yogurt and pomegranate seeds

Seeding a pomegranate is a quick way to stain your clothes.  The solution?  Seed the pomegranate underwater.  After you pull the seeds out they will sink to the bottom while the bitter while pulp floats to the top.  Skim the top and strain the seeds.  Once dry, they can be refrigerated and last for a week or more.  Mix ½ cup of these seeds with about ½ cup of plain non-fat Greek yogurt and enjoy!

Rice crispy treats

Lets end with a classic here.  Rice crispy treats are a nostalgic and easy snack that you can bring just about anywhere.  Individual packs are 100 calories and just as delicious as when you were a kid!


So here you are, 10 snacks to satisfy your sweet tooth without breaking your diet!

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