411 Thanksgiving Tips – it’s about the numbers

Friday, November 19, 2010 18:25
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Re-issue of a past post by reader request!

To make the planning of the meal easy, here are a few numbers that will come in handy.

How big a bird to buy:
1.5 lbs/per person turkey (uncooked). You will have leftovers with this amount.

How long to cook:
Until the internal temperature is 165 degrees for a perfect bird. Range is 165-180. Measure this in the thigh with an instant read thermometer
Let rest for 25-30 minutes before carving. Bird will stay hot for 1 hour so don’t panic – let the juices set!

What temperature to set oven to for all the side dishes:

Amount of coffee to use per cup:
2 tablespoons per cup when making a pot with a auto-drip machine.

How much stuffing:
1.25 cup per person (this should also result in leftovers)

We found an actual turkey meal calculator online for you to use:


And remember the important part of the holiday is being with people you care about and having gratitude in your life. Try not to get stressed out over the perfect meal…and ask for help! Any guest that offers to bring a dish, say yes!! If you only have to make the main dishes, it will be much easier. Ask others to bring appetizer and desserts, and even the sides!

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