5 Extremely Helpful Tips From My Trainer [Forum]

Saturday, May 8, 2010 18:36
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I entered a weight loss challenge last year and ended up winning second place! I opted to enroll in a training program to boost my results. Here are five tips my trainer gave me that were paramount to my success:

1. Immediately after waking up in the morning, do a minimum of 15-20 minutes of cardio. This jump-starts your metabolism for the day. It is not nearly as effective if you wait until you’ve showered and drank your morning cup of coffee.

2. If you want to boost fat loss while on the treadmill, walk for 1 minute, then jog for 1 minute, then sprint for 1 minute and repeat that three-minute cycle at least five times.

3. Exercise before you’ve eaten and wait 30 minutes after you exercise to eat. An exception would be a protein shake, which is beneficial during or immediately following a strenuous workout.

4. Eat one cheat meal per week. This actually helps you maintain healthier eating habits during the rest of the week since you know if you’re craving something, you CAN indulge during that meal. Plus, it keeps your body from settling into a routine and ultimately plateauing.

5. When you do indulge, don’t bring it in the house. Make it a single serving treat and be done. I was craving Brownies, so I made a whole pan and ended up eating most of it. Better to pay a little extra and go out for dessert than to have the temptation lingering in the house. You’ll end up paying on the scale anyway.

Hope those help! Don’t ever give up. Even if you’re the last one to cross the finish line, you WILL get there! Hugs!!

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