50 Ways to Exercise (Part 2)

Monday, September 14, 2009 22:43
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In my last post I gave you #50 – #41 on 50 ways to exercise and break out of your traditional routine that50 ways to exercise may have become more than a little stale by now…

So today let’s get right to #40 – #31:

#40. Choose just 1 kettlebell to complete an entire workout!
#39. If the gym is packed, find a 6’x6’ space, grab a pair or two of dumbbells and get to work!
#38. If you’ve never taken a yoga class… now is the time!
#37. If you’re looking to get your heart pumping without doing traditional cardio take a “cardio-pump” or other high intensity workout class at your local gym or studio!
#36. Stressed from work? Give kickboxing a try!
#35. Get the whole family involved – plan a before dinner family workout!
#34. Do your knees hurt? Why not skip the lower body exercises for now and just do an intense upper body workout?!
#33. Less is more… warm up for 5-minutes and then complete 10 “all-out” sprints!
#32. Finding it hard to get motivated – ask around to find a workout partner to keep you accountable!
#31. Go to your HR Department and see if they can bring in a lunch-time wellness speaker to get everyone focused on living healthier and moving more!

We’re just getting warmed up with 50 Ways to Exercise and get you back on track so stay tuned for tomorrow’s #30 – #21!

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