50 Ways to Exercise (Part 5)

Thursday, September 17, 2009 22:56
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50-ways-to-exercise-5 Today we’re rounding off my 50 Ways to Exercise and get you motivated to start a new workout program or rejuvenate an old one.

Let’s finish it out with #10-#1:

#10: Walk an entire 18 holes of golf!
#9: Head into the woods for a long, peaceful hike!
#8. Find a marked trail and go mountain biking!
#7. If it’s warm outside take out a kayak!
#6. Short on money? Go to your local library and rent some exercise videos!
#5. Set up 3 exercises at the gym to move through as a circuit without stopping!
#4. If you live near a mountain (with snow) go cross-country or downhill skiing!
#3. Train for a shorter triathalon!
#2. Use your office building or apartment stairwell to climb 50-100 stairs without stopping!
#1. Get a cheap pedometer and make sure you walk your 10,000 steps every day!

I hope you got a least a handful of new and exciting ways to exercise that you may have either forgotten about or saw for the first time. The point is that there are so many ways to stay active and motivated besides just looking to the treadmill for results. Feel free to post any other ways you keep your body moving and fit!

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