A Filling Veggie-Filled Dish

Friday, August 14, 2009 4:58
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In Woman's Day I came across a recipe for Veggie Stuffed Shells. This recipe was part of a bunch of recipes that they classified as "Earth Friendly". Besides being a vegetarian, eco-conscious meal it is also filling and weight loss friendly. Veggie stuffed shells

Although this dish takes some time to prepare it is worth it and you will be satisfied after. Each serving has 410 calories, 10g fat, 7g fiber, and 19g protein. A nutritional analysis of this recipe is available.

Some tips for making this dish:

  • Double the recipes so you can have leftovers for lunch.
  • This recipe freezes well so you can make your own frozen dinner! 
  • You can add more or change the vegetables to put in your favorite ones.
  • Instead of ricotta cheese it recommends cottage cheese – try Friendship Whipped Cottage Cheese if it is available in your local market.

Photo by Jim Franco

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