A Great Low-Calorie Noodle, Really!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009 23:58
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J0407404 To my delight recently I discovered a very interesting type of Asian noodle that I can eat in a generous portion totally guilt free!  It tastes pretty good with a little doctoring up and it’s very filling and cooks in a few quick minutes. The noodles are called Shirataki noodles made either from soy or yams. They are available at Asian markets, Whole Foods and Safeway.
They have about 20 calories or less for a generous three ounces. Just make sure you thoroughly rinse the noodles as they have a bit of a sour smell which is characteristic of them when you first open them up.

I love cabbage so I’ve made several great dishes with the noodles and the cabbage as a base. Here are a few:

Chicken noodle soup: just cook some add cabbage, onions, water and add chicken bouillon for flavor. You can eat that alone or add carrots, celery, tofu or chicken and the noodles.

Cabbage Asian Salad: Add to pre-chopped cabbage some snow peas, water chestnuts, ginger, the noodles and Asian salad dressing. I top it with almonds or sesame seeds.

I'm sure there are more ways you can use these low-cal little noodles for as well. Enjoy!

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