A “New” Diet Plan? – 1

Thursday, September 24, 2009 23:52
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J0438774 This diet may not be new to some but I would guess that the majority of people who are overweight have not looked into this plan of eating.  Most people have heard of inflammation and its link to heart disease, diabetes and cancer, and it could definitely be making it harder for you to lose weight too. 

This diet is about leptin which is a hormone which helps regulate appetite. Monica Reinagel, MS and Nutrition Data’s own chief nutritionist, author of  the Nutrition Data blog and The Inflammation Free Diet Plan, states that:  “Normally, leptin helps guard against weight gain by down-shifting your appetite and up-shifting your metabolism.  And as Dr. Galland argues in The Fat-Resistance Diet, systemic inflammation creates “leptin resistance,” which makes it even harder to lose weight than it already is.” Inflammation is the big factor in all this.

So if you’ve tried every other diet without results you might want to consider this unique healthy plan. And, it's not just for weight loss. It can definitely benefit anyone who suffers with any kind of ongoing inflammation and pain in their body. Check out Monica’s book above (and her blogs on the topic) and or use the IF Ratings  tool for over 10,000 foods  conveniently available here at Nutrition Data that help you control inflammation just by  controlling specific food choices in your food plan. 

Saturday I’ll review the plan in its nutshell form.

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