Avoid Big Clunky Gym Machines

Friday, July 31, 2009 15:19
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After my earlier post this week on not being self-conscious at the gym I had a reader ask me if it was okayAvoid Big Clunky Gym Machines to not use any of the machines if they didn’t feel comfortable with how they worked.

The answer is absolutely. You’ll actually get more benefit by just using free weights and cables than by sitting down on any of the larger stationary pieces of equipment. With free weights you’ll be able to move more functionally and naturally through a full range of motion without overloading any one particular joint. Free weights also allow you more variety and are a better choice if your body isn’t in perfect alignment (and whose is after sitting down all day?).

So although I’d prefer you to use machines over doing nothing, I’d much prefer you to work more muscle in less time through full body free weight exercises.

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