Beyond Low Carb Eating – Other Reasons why We don’t Lose Weight

Wednesday, May 5, 2010 0:07
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Let's go beyond the low carb dieting for now. Losing weight seems to boil down to the individual. Yes, many overweight people struggle with carb sensitivity but I’ve also seen people who have sluggish thyroid problems which are never detected even when blood testing indicates their thyroid is just fine. (You may not need medicine just thyroid support. Holistic and alternative professionals can help you in this area.)

There are also food sensitivities to dairy or wheat which may inhibit weight loss.  Both of these theories are controversial but some are backed with true science and some I've personally seen who respond to help with these areas.

Along these lines notice how food affects you. I'm not talking about true allergies which can be very different. I
suggest an elimination diet with a qualified professional who can guide
you with this or get an Alcat test. There are many reasons why some
people just can’t seem to lose weight.  We just don't always know how to
figure these things out by ourselves.

Other things to consider: Hormonal fluctuations, particularly with women in peri-menopause seem to interfere with weight loss. Watch over-consumption of excessive amounts of artificial sweeteners  which may interfere with weight loss. Additionally I've have seen people under such duress that excess stress
weight loss. (Make a real honest attempt with science based stress
reduction techniques like deep breathing/meditation.)

It certainly wouldn't hurt to try some different approaches to just see what happens when you use researched and responsible approaches if other things aren't working.

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