Bye Bye Maine, Hello Boston (lunch & dinner 8.20)

Friday, August 21, 2009 2:28
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We had to say our goodbyes to Maine today and return to Boston, but that was after we spent a few hours at the beach! It was tough to leave since the weather has been great and we have been having such a good time but we had to get back to reality at some point I guess. After the poor start to the summer, it feels really good to have this fabulous ending. For lunch we bought sandwiches at a local sandwich shop but we clearly bought them too far in advance because the bread got totally soggy and they were not very good at all. I ate most of the half I brought (it was just cheese and veggies) and then had to toss the remaining half that I planned to save for later. On the car ride home I had a nonfat latte and an apple. For dinner we tried to make the vacation last one more meal and decided to have wild Maine blueberry pancakes (made from scratch). I have to do a grocery shop tomorrow because the fridge is pretty bare but we scraped this together tonight and it was actually really tasty. There is so much to unpack but I think I’ll save that for later and do something more relaxing tonight like look at all the fun pictures we took and reminisce a little.  download.jpg100_5929.JPG

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