Can’t Lose Weight? Why?

Saturday, August 1, 2009 13:46
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J0430485 Out of the blue an overweight acquaintance asked me a loaded question: “What is the key to successful weight loss?” As a qualified nutritionist I answered her honestly.  Weight loss is frequently multifaceted and includes a comprehensive approach including: behavior modification, lifestyle change, and addressing  physiological problems and emotional eating. In my opinion there is no one magic thing that will make it happen unless it’s the relentless patience to persist through all these challenges and actually get to the root causes of your own weight gain and address them.

Sure it may be as simple as determining how many calories you actually take in and burn up (eat less and exercise more). But other times it certainly is much more. In addition to those numerous obstacles I mentioned initially  there may be a blood sugar issues,  thyroid concerns, food sensitivities or hormonal  imbalances. These certainly add to the mystery of why some people have such a difficult time determining why, no matter what they do cannot lose weight.

But really, the very first thing you need to do if you think you are one of those people who has tried everything and nothing seems to work, make sure you know your proper calorie count to lose weight and then keep an honest food diary to see if you are really following the designated plan as outlined. If that really does not work then it's time for some professional guidance.

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