Challenges with Low-Carb Diets

Tuesday, September 22, 2009 22:56
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J0442444 The last few posts I have responded to a reader’s reply to a previous blog. Today I will clarify his last comment suggesting that low-carb diets do not work.

The reader suggests that low-carb diets are too strict and too challenging for most people to follow. On this point I really do have to agree. Since carbohydrates are the body’s preferred form of fuel I think a person rebels on this kind of plan in general. But I also think it depends on just how low carb of a plan you are following. Some people can easily follow a plan of 40%-50% carbohydrates (this includes fruits, vegetables and even dairy, all of which are carbohydrate sources besides grains.)  If you go too much lower in carbohydrate consumption, it can be  just plain difficult. This kind of plan also makes it hard to socialize (and diet) comfortably without feeling deprived.

On the other hand I have have seen numerous  diabetics and insulin resistant individuals who have not been able to lose weight or be able to control their blood sugar adequately on the traditional high carb diets that contain about 70%-75% carbohydrates.

Ultimately it depends on the individual, their body types and what they prefer to do. But regardless of the diet plan you still need to reduce your total calories in order to lose weight.

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