Clothes, Dieting and Motivation

Tuesday, December 1, 2009 23:54
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As much as most of us want to lose weight quickly it’s never fast enough. But until that time comes you can still dress in a way that still may help you look like you weigh less. Remember when you feel good about how you look you’ll feel better about yourself and your weight loss efforts. How you dress can really help keep you motivated especially with all those holiday parties ahead of us.

So here are some tips:

  • Seek out sleek knits, more tailored sheaths or flowing fabrics the skim over curves. What you want to avoid are the clingy fabrics like silk and rayon that offer little give which pull across the more problem areas unattractively.
  • Most of us know that the big bold bright patterns will draw attention to areas on your body that you may not want to draw attention too. But you don’t have to avoid them either. Just balance them with solids. For example you might have a printed dress but top it with a solid colored jacket.
  • Lastly, accentuate your positive assets. If you have a tummy bulge maybe an empire dress might fit the bill; it completely skims over the tummy area and makes your torso look longer. If you have a nice cleavage (without overdoing it of course!) wear a v-neck. Or if you have nice shoulders utilize a wide neckline.

(Remember while you are losing weight you can always get a lot smarter about what you eat to move that process along!)

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