Controversial New Exercise Class

Monday, September 7, 2009 13:40
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Controversial new exercise class I just read that the University of Houston is going to offer Wii video game exercise classes to try to get "non-active students" exercising more.

The school hopes to be able to motivate these students to begin exercising by getting them to play Wii sports and dance games during each class. The instructors also plan to craftily sneak in information on healthy living, proper nutrition, and correct postural alignment. Students will also be required to pass quizzes and exams for this new course.

I'm a little up in the air on whether I think that this is actually a good thing or not… If it's used as a gateway to non-video game exercise and activity then it could be very beneficial. However, if the premise is that playing video games indoors is the answer to your inactive lifestyle that may be a problem.

What's your opinion – are these classes a good idea for the University of Houston to promote? Will they be the answer to getting non-active students to begin and stick to a daily exercise routine?

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