Do prescription appetite medications work for weight loss?

Friday, October 23, 2009 0:44
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Do prescription appetite suppressants work to curb appetite and lose weight? They do and they don’t. Let me clarify. They do reduce appetite but the problem is the minute a person goes off them the same problems still may exist if a person has not properly changed their eating behaviors and addressed any emotional components to overeating, which are frequently the core causes of overeating in the first place.

I’ve also seen situations when appetite suppressants have been given and clients maintain a false sense of confidence in their eating choices. In other words they think nothing will tempt them ever again and they will never gain the weight back and that could be the medication talking.

In the past I have also found clients who were not monitored and/or assessed properly and were given appetite suppressants too freely and irresponsibly.

Lastly if taken for too long of a time the medication may be hard on the adrenal system, especially if a person is highly stressed to begin with.

So, if you do decide to go on a medication for appetite control realize you also need to change any bad eating habits to be successful for the long haul.

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