Do Weight Loss Programs Really Work?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009 23:45
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J0422266 The other day a person asked me if weight loss programs work. My answer to that is yes, most of the time they work if a person actually follows the program and if they adhere to a strong maintenance program after the weight loss phase. And  do note according to the National Weight Registry if a person successfully keeps their weight off for at least two years there is a strong likelihood that their positive healthy habits have taken hold.

But getting back to the question if these programs work or not… As I said above compliance is the problem so obviously if you do not follow the prescribed program as it is designed, you probably will not lose weight. Along these lines I’ve had experience with people who want to do a diet their way which doesn’t usually work! They pick what appeals to them about a plan and ignore the rest. Or  some  just get discouraged too easily expecting unrealistic weight losses every single week and give up too easily.

If a diet program is too complicated to follow the weight loss program won’t work either.

Sometimes special medical problems with food sensitivities, blood sugar problems, hormonal imbalances, uncontrolled candida, thyroid issues, or unresolved emotional eating issues interfere  with progress. No diet in the world will work until these conditions are rectified first.

Lastly, everyone is different and what works for one person may not work for another.

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