Dress up to slim down!

Friday, August 21, 2009 16:12
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As a kid, my family had a giant Tupperware trunk in the basement stuffed with everything from discarded Halloween costumes (think: oversized sunglasses, clown shoes, a witch’s cape) to Mom’s hand-me-downs (yeah, bell bottoms!). My sister and I piled on clothes, transforming instantly into Boho Bozos, Hollywood werewolves, and prom rejects. We even got our little brother in on the action, albeit often against his will (Sorry, Balloony Man!). A favorite: His turn as the Material Girl, complete with an arm full of jelly bracelets and a wig. So, when I heard there was a prize for “best outfit” for an upcoming family tennis tourney, I was all in! Turns out, I’m not the only one who likes to play dress up. Check out the pics of my hubby and me and our competitors. Sadly, we didn’t snag best dressed honors or claim the championship, but we did have a ball!

Orange aid: Me and my hubby Patrick all decked out in matching KSwiss gear.
The winners: Kevin and Alychia in their coordinated khakis. How cute is her little baby belly?!
Pink powerhouses: Caitlyn and Tommy took 2nd place!
Minty fresh: Lorna and Bobby. Good luck returning this guy’s serve. Yowza!
Our awesome organizers: Mr. and Mrs. Dragon, reigning in purple.
I’m green with envy! This duo nabbed most spirited honors.
Best dressed: The Stockton clan in head-to-toe camo!
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