Early Start to The Weekend (breakfast 9.25.09)

Friday, September 25, 2009 15:21
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I am getting my weekend started early by spending the day with my boys. We are off to the outlets to do a little shopping then we will be back home so we can grab my friend Amy at the airport and go out for a yummy dinner at a new restaurant we have been wanting to try. I had to take my breakfast to go because now that I get to sleep past sunrise, the morning goes by quickly! I had some wheat chex and a banana and we (of course) stopped at Starbucks so I also had a nonfat latte. Have a good Friday and a nice fall weekend to follow.

I have an apple picking trip on the calendar for next week so I need to go through my cookbook and find some recipes to make. I already have a few in mind but I love to try new ones — what have you made with your fresh picked apples? I know you are supposed to use certain types of apples for baking but ours seem to get all mixed up in the bag and I end up using a mix so some come our firm and others get more mushy. It still tastes good so I don’t care!

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