Eating our way through the Greek Islands!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009 17:33
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Here are a few of the menus from our very memorable dinners in Greece – the lunches were just as wonderful – however, we were too busy enjoying & biking – we didn’t record them!! We are still dreaming of the food in Greece – the tomatoes – unreal, the fresh capers, the fresh cheese, the horta, the OLIVE OIL and so much more. All fresh, simple and all local foods with exploding flavors! If you have the chance to visit any of these restaurants – Grab it!

Our first night we had dinner at Marathia, the “chef” is Ka. Tereza – all the arrangements are done by her son Marinos Souramis, tel +30 22830 22343, [email protected]
Menus:Fresh green salad,arugula,cheese and louza
Local sausages
Boiled Vegetable salad (Horta)
Fresh herbs fritters
Plate with fresh cheeses
Fresh sword fish a La Spetsiota
Homemade Loukoumades (fritters with honey)
House wine ( they have a good selection of wines)
Our second night we went to Koutouki tis Elenis,the owner and cook is Ka. Eleni, tels +30 22830 24857.
Menu: Boiled Vegetables Salad
Greek Salad with Rusks
Home made cheeses
Aubergine Salad
Artichoke pie
Local fried sausages
As a main course she had a delicious pork in wine sauce and aubergine in the oven for the vegetarians, Plus fresh fruit and home made halva.

Diles Restaurant
tel. +30 22890 22120
[email protected]
Menu: Rich green tomato salad
Grilled veal in mustard and herb sauce
Capelletti(homemade)with herb sauce
Chocolate cake and fruit

Sigi Iktio
owner Yannis, tels. +30 6978285290
Menu: Two different types of green salads
Octopus vinaigrette
Fried baby calamari
Special homemade deeps
Fresh grilled fish

Levantis (Parikia) (picture is above)- Old Market St, tels +30 22840 23613
Crispy Sardines with avocado mousse
Home made deeps with herbs
Our Main Courses: Perfumed couscous/roasted veg/grilled banana, Seared tuna/beetroot rice/yogurt sauce, Oven baked lamb rolled in vine leaves/herbs/feta/fava beans,
Desserts: Lemon sorbet/roasted figs & sweet wine or Kahula chocolate truffles/almond/cocoa

The first night went to Aghia Anna, To Paradiso, K. Vanguelis, tels: +22850 42026.
Menu: Octopus Vinaigrette
Fried Cheese Balls
Greek Salad
Aubergine salad
Beans in the oven in tomato sauce
Grilled pork chops with fried potatoes
Last night at Irini’s, Irini, tel +30 6972260437
Menu : Potato Salad
Green Salad
Fried Cheese(Mizitra) individual pies
Beef in the oven with wine/tomato sauce
Aubergine in the oven
Milk Pie(Galatopita)


We enjoyed a refreshing lunch here. Homemade fresh squeezed juices, assortment of salads & pastas.

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