Exercise is All in your Head!

Saturday, October 3, 2009 14:25
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Many people simply find excuses not to move whether it be too busy, too tired, or too rainy. But according to the experts who actually tracked 200 new exercisers it all came down to “I think I can” attitude, (something I’ve been saying about weight loss and exercise long before the “studies”). Apparently those with the positive attitude were the 139% more active one year later compared with the less confident exercisers. This can-do attitude seems to be the biggest overall predictor for consistent activity! Researcher David M. Williams PhD states that planning ahead for potential challenges is the key. Commit now!

So, when your work schedule gets packed your plan is:________________.

When you are too tired you will:____________________________________.

When the weather is bad you will:__________________________________.

Do this now before the excuses pile up and remember exercise doesn’t have to be a full hour long to be effective. (Use this method to help you follow your food plan too when you are challenged!)

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