Exercise Must Match Your Fitness Level

Tuesday, September 8, 2009 22:06
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The danger of just picking a workout routine out of a magazine or off the internet is that it may not matchExercise-must-match-your-fitness-level your current fitness level. Many programs do not account for true beginners who may not be use to exercising or may have never exercised before in their lives.

No matter what level you are at whenever you start a new program there should be a gradual increase in how you progress through your workout routine so that you stay safe and injury free. This healthy progression will also allow you to stop at the level that matches your desired fitness level.

For example both a 25 year old and a 50 year old can both do squats, but the weight, reps, intensity, recovery time, and number of sets may be quite different. You will also see that by starting out slow and gradually building your way up you will naturally reach a point where your body feels stronger and more energetic without all the pain.

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