Exercise of the Week: Front Squat Leg Strengthener

Tuesday, September 1, 2009 17:47
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In yesterdays post I spoke about how strong thighs are essential for keeping knee pain away (especially for anyone with osteoarthritis).

Today, I want to show you an exercise that will not only allow you to burn more fat, but will strengthen your legs at the same time. It's called a front squat and you can complete this exercise with a barbell, dumbbells, or any other type of weight placed on top of the front part of your shoulders.

Db-front-squat-top How to complete a dumbbell front squat:
1. Hold 2 dumbbells on top of your shoulders with the ends pointed out in front of you
2. Stand with your feet hip to shoulder width apart
3. Sit back with your hips into a squat
4. Push back up through your heels to the top
5. Repeat for 8 – 12 total repetitions

Tips to remember:
Db-front-squat1. Look straight ahead the whole set
2. Keep your chest up and don't let your back round forward
3. Remember not to let your knees push past your toes
4. Keep your heels flat on the ground the whole time
5. Do not allow your knees to buckle in
6. Breathe in at the top or on the way down, and breathe out on the way up
7. Go as deep as you can with compromising your form

The front squat is a fantastic exercise that will help your burn fat, strengthen and tone your legs, boost your metabolism, and even increase core strength. If you feel comfortable give it a shot with light weight to start in your next workout!

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