[Forum] How Do I Eat Healthy at University?

Sunday, November 15, 2009 22:07
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In January of 2008 I went on the Depo Provera shot, before that day I was 127 lbs. By April I weighed 145 lbs. I know I can’t exactly blame the shot for all of my weight gain, but it did increase my appetite significantly and that caused me to gain weight.

I have been off the shot for 8 months, and since then have been using Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo. I have tried quite a few times to lose the weight, but unsuccessfully. I wasn’t trying my hardest, and now I want that to change. This time I am going to try my hardest to lose this weight by my 19th birthday February 5th 2010. I have a gym membership, but the problem is my food choices.

I am going to college right now, and am required to buy a meal plan. Which means I have to eat the food supplied for me at the school cafeteria. My healthy choices of food are very limited, and I need advice on what is okay for me to eat. I don’t want to cut out meat from my diet, because I lose my energy that way. Should I avoid hamburger meat? Should I avoid bread, and carbs? Please help!

  • Height: 5″4′
  • Start weight: 152 lbs
  • Current weight: 152 lbs
  • Goal weight: 125 lbs
  • Other goals: Fit into all of my pants, no bulging stomach, no bulging love handles, and have semi-visible abs.

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