[Forum] How Many Calories Are In Your “Healthy” Fast Food Option

Wednesday, August 26, 2009 9:30
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From Diet Blog Share:

Fast foods are such a fact of life, it wouldn’t be reasonable to give up the quick-sandwiches and drive through windows. So, we try to be healthy by making the better selection when we have little choice other than these establishments.

But, many of the sandwiches (and sides) try to sound healthy and mislead us to choose them over a hamburger–which may, in fact, have even fewer calories.

Some examples of these are the “Market Fresh” sandwiches at Arby’s–the roast beef and swiss has nearly 800 calories! What a surprise that was to me, it looked like just bread, meat, and cheese, how does it get to rack up all those calories? Do they butter the bread? Smear on mayonnaise? Pile on a half-pound of meat? Who knows! But, now I know I can get fewer calories with a regular roast beef sandwich AND an order of 2 potato cakes!

The baked potato with broccoli at Wendy’s has over 500 calories! You’d think you were having a healthy lunch, until you realize there is cheese, butter, sour cream and other additions that are piling on calories from fat.

And, if you eat a salad at taco bell, be aware that the yummy edible bowl it comes in has over 400 calories!

I would recommend pulling up the nutrition information from the websites of restaurants you frequent, and checking to see how many calories are really in the foods you like. You might find you can eat something you like even better, and save yourself hundreds of calories at the same time!

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