[Forum] I Need to Kick-start My Diet

Thursday, October 8, 2009 15:00
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I’ve wanted to start dieting for so long, but somehow there’s been a reason to eat… like birthdays, end of exams, and girls night outs. Currently on exchange in Europe and the pounds are stalking up again!!! I’ve been studying almost nonstop for exams and projects, not to mention homework, traveling and networking sessions, and the cherry on top is suddenly becoming very sick

I’m getting more and more stressed about weight. Looking at myself in the mirror, I wish I could just stop eating, or my metabolism would suddenly go haywire and work overtime til I become thinner…

It’s now almost midnight and my mind is set about waking up tomorrow and changing my eating habits! I’m almost 5’6″ and weigh 70kg. I’m not overweight, but this has definitely been my heaviest ever.

My goal is to be BACK at 60-62kg (which I was like 3 years ago before I started college). 10kg doesn’t sound tough, but I wish I had the same will power in getting good grades as getting healthier.

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