[Forum] Maintaining Healthy Habits Is Difficult!

Monday, September 21, 2009 12:00
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Over the summer I lost around 20 pounds and I was happy. I could slip into jeans that didn’t fit at all before. I ate healthy but also was able to enjoy myself with a small portion of chocolate or candies every once in a while. I even started loving jogging. I was happy with my body, happy with my weight, and happy that I could eat in smaller portions without overindulging or over-restricting.

But you know what, school started and it’s pushing me to fall back to my old habits. I think I managed to prevent major disasters and I still fit into the jeans that make me so proud of myself, but I can feel it. It is coming–I see myself finishing every fry I have on my plate and I crave food when I know I’m not hungry. I had late night snacks during last week, which is okay if it happens once or twice a week, but everyday means something is going wrong.

Help me! I need your support.

People who want to lose weight out there, be happy that you aren’t gaining weight or about to gain weight. Now I know that it’s so hard to maintain the same weight–perhaps the more I want to maintain weight and worry about weight gain the higher the risk of falling back?

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