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Wednesday, August 26, 2009 15:30
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From Diet Blog Share:

This week, the article on “How to Eat Cheap” explains that one dollar can buy so many more calories of junk food. The author incorrectly calculates that over a thousand calories of potato chips can be purchased for a dollar (last time I checked, this was an 8-ounce bag and cost well over 3 dollars).

Another dollar fills you up with 875 calories from soda (well, since there are about 240 calories in a 20-oz bottle, I guess someone found a place to buy three of these for a dollar? Where I shop they are over a dollar apiece).

And, for 250 calories of broccoli another dollar? I don’t think so. Even the low calorie number for fruit is impossible to find for a dollar. Each of these items could be reasonably purchased for $4 in most stores.

The point he’s trying to make is that we enjoy foods we can get a lot of for less money.

But, who would rather eat a bag of chips and liter of soda if you could get a peach, and a banana and a cup of broccoli? Someone concerned about their diet, or someone who loves junk food?

People are not fat because they are broke–they are overweight because they CHOOSE to use the money they have to buy empty calorie foods. There is no reason to buy soda, except that it tastes good. This is not a good reason, in my opinion, to part with your money if you are bordering on malnutrition, and this includes the condition of obesity.

It’s just another excuse to say, “I’m too poor to eat healthy,” when they are purposely choosing less healthy foods with higher calories in place of fresh chicken and rice to cook for dinner, which would cost the same.

How do you weigh in on this sad attribute to our obese nation? Don’t you think people can afford to eat healthy (granted, they may have to give up downloading ring tones for their i-phones and designer bags, and a new tatoo) if they want to?

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