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Saturday, November 14, 2009 5:55
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Never in my life i thought i would become overweight. All the late night snacks and bad eating habit are now coming back to haunt me.

Here I am, a 24 year old girl who hasn’t accomplish anything in my life. No degree, no job, no confidence and no friends. Actually all of this would have never become a problem until my father suddenly collapsed on the floor with his hand held tight to his chest last month.

He’s doing better now, thank god, but his collapse made me realized one thing. If my father’s gone, my family would have no one to rely on. No one would take care of them and watch over for them. It is time for me to grow up and be responsible for my life because if I can take care of myself then I can take care of my family.

This project is one of the first steps that I’m gonna take to improve myself and to build up my confidence. Hopefully this is one step closer to breaking out of that social bubble.

Body make over project

  • Length: 16 weeks or 112 days
  • Start date: 11/13/2009
  • Goal: 110 lbs
  • Average weight lost a week: 3 lbs
  • Starting weight: 156.5 lbs

Any encouragement or tips would be appreciated.

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