[Forum] My Diet Experiment: The Candida Diet

Tuesday, August 18, 2009 9:30
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From Diet Blog Share:

I’m trying to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. I am 23 years old have two children, a two year old and one year old. I used to be between 125-130 lbs before my first pregnancy. Since then, I’ve gained up to 70+ pounds during both pregnancies, and have managed to slim down to 140 lbs.

I haven’t made much progress since. I guess I’ve hit a plateau. Some people may think that 10 extra pounds isn’t a big difference, but I definitely feel it when I wear my clothes. Plus, I have some extra skin from having my tummy stretch too far with my small 5’3″ frame.

During the next few weeks, I will experiment with different diets and compare my progress of each one. This week, I’m starting on the Candida diet (similiar to the Atkins diet).

Recently, I’ve been having re-occurring fungal skin infections. I did some research, and due to some articles and studies I found on the internet, I suspect that I may be pre-diabetic. Diabetics have various skin issues, especially fungal infections; so the Candida (yeast/fungal) diet is designed similiarly to the Atkins diet (which caters to diabetics).

At the end of this week, I’ll be posting a new blog with my progress and results. Wish me luck!!

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