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Monday, August 24, 2009 9:50
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From Diet Blog Share:

I was never the hot girl in class, I was always the chubby one. I got teased about my weight in all sorts of scenarios, from friends to family gatherings. I remember once my relatives asked me to step onto the weighing machine, curious to know about my weight. At that time, I felt helpless. My parents was standing there, watching me. I felt humiliated. In the back of my mind was screaming, “Why don’t you guys support me?” I felt small and insecure. Sometimes I wondered why am I not blessed with a figure that turns heads?

Depression seeps in. When I joined into the workforce I was side-lined. The hot girl in my team got the praise, while I am being taken for granted, despite my good work performance. My self esteem starts to crumble. It gets worst when my relatives start to compare me with other cousins. It really hurts deep inside. I did the occasional diet, but my mum’s constant nagging didn’t really help me that much. Instead of motivating me, I felt really tired with life.

Today, 24 Aug 2009 is a time of change. No more feeling sorry for myself. All excuses for my increasing weight gain have to be eliminated. I need a change. I want to wear that pair of skinny jeans, I want to run across the beach in a cute bikini. I want to live healthy. I want to savor a healthy life. I want to grow old gracefully, and die gracefully.

  • I will exercise regularly
  • I will eat healthy
  • I will be cheerful
  • I will be strong
  • I want to change

Today, 24 Aug 2009, is a historical moment for me to set my goals, my resolutions to have a better life in the future.

Today, 24 Aug 2009, I weigh 78.3kg (173lb), with a height of 163 (5ft 3in). I will lose those 22kgs of unwanted slabs!!!

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