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Thursday, September 10, 2009 12:00
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From Diet Blog Share:

I am overweight. I carry my weight around my thighs, but am a proportionate looking pear shape at 5’8″. I’ve never had qualms about my appearance, and have had a constant string of boyfriends who have never complained. I did fashion at University [giving me a false sense of confidence?!?]

However, I have just started a new job which involves sitting down all day, and am concerned that if I do not change my diet, I will balloon way past my ‘happy-place’.
So, I have set myself a mission to reduce my calorie intake.

It is now Wednesday [9/9/09 – bad omen?], and my third day ‘dieting.’ So far I have had two cups of tea with semi-skimmed milk, and am about to tuck into a cold boiled egg [105 calories so far]. I walked briskly for 10 minutes to work this morning, and will do the same going home, other than this I rarely exercise, and cannot afford a gym membership, so diet seems the way forward.

I do not want to be thin really. But, I would very much like to be healthier than I am now. I currently weigh 12st 10lbs [169lbs], and my BMI puts me at overweight. My goal is to be a healthy weight of 11st [154lbs], so I have a long way to go!

Wish me luck.

Any tips will be welcomed with open arms.

Sara xx

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