[Forum] No More Dieting Just Eating Right

Tuesday, July 28, 2009 14:00
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From Diet Blog Share:

I wanted to blog as a way of holding myself accountable…

I grew up always being in shape. Even after I had my child, I went right back down. Life threw me a lot of curve balls, and I swore I had everything under control.

So, why did I gain 70lbs over the last 5 years? I was so overwhelmed, I wasn’t even sure where to begin. Well, a doctors visit put everything into perspective. My blood pressure, which had always been 110/70, is now at 140/84. My sugar level is 103 – normally high is 99! I cried. Tests will be done to make sure I haven’t done harm to other things.

I went to a biochemist nutritionist, who checks your urine and blood, and now I am on a meal plan. No more diets, just living and eating the right way.

By day 2, I was down 7lbs – this may just be my cure!

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