[Forum] No-one Understands My Eating Issues

Tuesday, July 28, 2009 10:45
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From Diet Blog Share:

I used to be close to 200lbs, and dropped 55Ibs 8-9 years ago. Now, I am smaller, toned, and should be happy. But, of course I am not.

I often feel fat, and guilty, and obsess over my weight on a daily basis. Nobody understands. If I tell someone I am fat, I get told I am skinny and to shut up. I am not seeking attention, I really do still see the fat girl from so many years ago. I believe they call it ” Phantom Weight.”

It’s like nobody understands how I feel, and why I feel the way I do.

With the economy being so in the dumps, and money being tight, I focus even more on my weight, finding it is the only thing I can control during these times of stress. I just want to be happy, and be able to talk about my feelings without being told I am being dramatic.

Losing weight is supposed to make you happy, not stress you out even more.

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