[Forum] Starving Myself and Exercising, But Not Losing an Ounce?

Saturday, November 14, 2009 16:42
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Hello everyone! I need help because I am getting very discouraged.

About 4 weeks ago, I started working out everyday and eating 1000 calories. My exercise routine consists of 30 min. of running or elliptical use, free weight arm exercises and pilates moves (I’m in the gym about two hours total). I go to the gym about 5 days a week and the other two days, I go mountain biking for 2 hours. I also play tennis and take pilates class once a week.

Every day, I keep a food diary of each morsel I consume. I measure servings and add up all the calories. I eat A LOT of fruit, salads and no bread (only pitas). I don’t drink soda and try to avoid processed, refined foods. I EAT NO MORE THAN 1000 CALORIES per day.

I will also add that I am 25 years old, and prior to starting this exercise routine, I didn’t exercise and ate very poorly. I ate fast food, candy, and a lot of breads and sugar. I am 5’7 and weight 140 lbs. (I would like to be 135 and lose some inches of fat.)

Unfortunately, I didn’t measure or weigh myself at the very beginning. I started measuring myself 2 weeks ago (this would be 2 weeks after beginning my diet and exercise) and since then have not lost any weight or inches. I can’t figure out why I am not successful. Does anyone have any suggestions? I’ve literally been “busting my a**.”

What am I doing wrong?

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