[Forum] Strange Side-Effects When Using Splenda

Tuesday, September 8, 2009 13:01
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From Diet Blog Share:

Has anyone noticed any side effects such as hot flashes and chills when consuming anything with Splenda in it? If I’m not having a hot flush, I am so chilled and cannot get warm. This happens frequently day and night, and is getting to be more frequent.

I have had all the blood tests run, including the one for hormone levels. They all came back within normal range. The only one that came back extremely low was my calcium, and the doctor prescribed perscription strength calcium for that, so I don’t think it was that which is causing these problems. I’ve also taken things specifically for hot flushes to no avail.

Just wondering if anyone has had these type symptoms while using Splenda? Today I have stopped using it to see if I notice any change, but I would like some input from others. I know it causes stomach, digestive problems, and headaches in some, and I’m not looking for those comments, but rather anything outside of these reactions.

Thank you all!

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