Get Ready Now!

Friday, December 4, 2009 1:11
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Recently Steve discussed getting ready now for the holidays ahead. I would like to expound on the notion of being prepared by examining first  how your challenges are related to your actual thinking process. The following are  some questions regarding  these challenges and preventing weight gain:
  • Does your thinking about the holiday challenges ahead leave you feeling defeated from the very start, making you feel as “Why bother trying?”
  • Do you tend to get out of control at any given holiday event?
  • Do you give up because it’s simply just too hard to fight the holiday temptations? 
  • Do you start feeling depressed, stressed, frustrated and overwhelmed by the holidays in general leading into the whole emotional eating and/or bingeing scenario?
  • Do you stop getting on the scale completely because you know you might be gaining and then just ignore it saying to yourself, “I’ll get back on track in January" probably with an additional five to ten more pounds to lose?
  • Do you just give in at a certain point and just say, “ What's the use, I just don’t care anymore?”

Later this week I’ll get more specific overcoming this thinking which leads to the very behavior you don’t want to find yourself in – gaining holiday weight.

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