Go Green and Lose Weight

Friday, May 7, 2010 1:51
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Earth day, which was actually celebrated last month, started many years ago. but "going green" in general is getting more popular all the time, all year long. One thing you can do to go green and lose some weight at the same time is to “brown bag” it more often. (You can even purchase some fashionable earth friendly re-usable lunch pails if you want.)  You’ll not only conserve our natural resources but you’ll save calories and lose weight. 

Sure it takes a little time investment to plan and prepare lunches but commit to it just once or twice a week.  Think of the calories you can save and how much healthier it can be. An ordinary Caesar wrap normally contains about 600 calories (much of it comes from fat which hikes up the calories fast). Try making your own healthy whole grain wrap with nitrate-free deli meat (check out these at Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods) on a low carb, high fiber tortilla (or 100% whole wheat bread) with a light mayo/spread, or light Caesar dressing (I enjoy Girard's Fat Free Caesar salad dressing; even company enjoys it)  mixed green leaf lettuce, and you’ll save close to about 400 calories.

When you tote your own food, you can automatically control calories,  improve the quality of food, portion size, sugar, salt, the indecision (and maybe guilt) about what to eat, cost and of course keep our environment green.

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