Greek Yogurt

Monday, August 3, 2009 15:58
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Greek yogurt has become very popular these days for many reasons:
Greek yogurt

  • Its texture. Since it is strained the water is removed giving it it's thick texture which is more desirable for many than regular, runny yogurt.
  • It's versatility. Greek yogurt can be eaten the same way as regular yogurt. Besides just eating yogurt you can use it to replace cream or mayonnaise in recipes that you want to make lower in fat.
  • More protein. Per cup Greek yogurt has more protein than regular yogurt which helps keep you feeling fuller longer!

Look for fat free or low fat Greek yogurt which has 100-150 per 6 ounce serving. The yogurts with added flavors will have more calories and sugar, but still contain a high amount of protein.

My favorite is Chobani Greek Fat Free Plain Yogurt with some berries and Kahi Go Lean Crunch cereal. What is your favorite way to enjoy Geek yogurt?

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