Guilt Free Peanut Butter

Saturday, October 17, 2009 12:33
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I don’t know about you but doing most of my dieting in the fat free era of the 80's I still tend to be a bit wary of things heavy in fat. As a result I even gave up peanut butter because it was one of those foods I could literally eat right out of the jar. But at long last I have found a great tasting peanut butter that is almost all protein with very little fat. (Contrary to common thinking peanut butter is mostly a healthy fat not a particularly high protein source.) Anyway the peanut butter I now enjoy is called PB2. Two tablespoons has 52.2 calories, 3.4 carbs, and 5.65 grams of protein.

And yes, it really does taste good! And, because you basically just add water to the pure dried peanut mix you can make up as little or as much of what you want. Incidentally, it also comes with a chocolate version. That I won't tempt myself with!

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