Healthy Exercise Tips (part 1)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009 22:52
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Healthy exercise tips - 1 Yesterday I posted a blog on the unfortunate deaths of 3 marathon runners during the Detroit Marathon.

Since there is no confirmed cause of death, I’m not sure we can really learn anything from this situation to ensure it doesn't happen again.

However, I did want to leave you with 3 tips that you should implement into any weight loss training program to minimize your risks and increase your chances for success. So, over my next 3 posts I will explain each of these practices in depth.

Here's the 1st tip:

Start out slow and progress each week at a steady pace. It's always better to start one level below where you think you are and then just move right to the next stage once you feel ready. I know many people feel that they aren’t moving fast enough towards their goals, but once you remember that you are creating life-long healthy habits you’ll realize that a few extra precautions will only help you in the long run. Plus, the cautious start will allow you to ease into a healthy lifestyle and stay consistent.

In my next post, I’ll take you through my 2nd healthy exercise tip which will keep you safe inside and outside of the gym!

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