Healthy Tailgaiting Tips

Monday, September 21, 2009 13:04
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Everyone wants to have fun and enjoy themselves at a tailgate party, but you don't want to eat all the


wrong foods and ruin your weight loss efforts.

Here are tips to help you enjoy the party and stick to your weight loss plan:

  • Don't go to your tailgate party hungry – have a snack before you go so you won't overeat.
  • Make a plan for yourself for what you will eat and stick to it – don't let the excitement of the game cause you to overeat.
  • Always use a small plate to eat – this will help you be more aware of what you are eating.
  • Stick to eating fresh vegetables with low-fat dips, fruits, baked chips and salsa as snacks.
  • As your main meal enjoy sandwiches or burgers made with lean meats and whole grain breads.
  • Moderate your alcohol intake because drinking too much can cause you to overeat.
  • Don't forget to drink your water.
  • If you are a guest, see if you can bring a healthy dish so you have something you know you can eat.
  • As a host/hostess make sure there are healthy options for you guests.

What are some of your tips to eating healthy at a tailgate party?

Do you have healthy recipes to share?

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