Healthy Tips for the Holiday Party

Tuesday, December 1, 2009 21:06
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If you are planning to go to a holiday party this season make sure to read these tips before you go to help Party food yourself stay healthy and avoid weight gain:

1. Don't go to the party hungry. You may think that not eating all day and then going to the party is a good idea, but in reality if you get to the party and are starving you will make poor food choices and most likely eat more than you planned. Snack on an apple and a few almonds before your party so you don't overeat.

2. Avoid alcohol or if you are going to drink have just one and make sure to drink plenty of water. Drinking drops your inhibitions and can lead to poor food choices and overeating. To help yourself avoid the extra calories from alcohol offer to be the designated driver and enjoy your no-calorie beverages all night!

3. Go in with a plan. Know in your mind what you are going to allow yourself to eat. If you know the menu before hand this will be easy because you can plan out your whole day. Remember to fill up on vegetables, and fruits, and to choose whole grain crackers and breads, small amounts of cheeses, and grilled or baked lean meats and fish.

4. Just say no. If something is offered to you and it is not what you intended on eating just politely say no. Don't let people pressure you into eating either. You will feel better about yourself in the morning because you stuck to your plan.

What are some tips you have to eat healthy and avoid weight gain at holiday parties?

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