Helpful Resources for Eating Right? [Forum]

Wednesday, September 22, 2010 11:16
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I recently posted another post regarding weight loss before I get pregnant. My problem is that I work FT and I get home late sometimes and I’m tired and lazy when it goes to meals. So I have been eating Lean cuisines which haven’t seemed to help me lose weight. I eat them cause they are so easy and portioned controlled but I hear loaded with salt. So what is good to eat?? My previous post, people suggested to eat vegs/fruits. I appreciate that so now I need to know what to eat. Can anyone recommend a diet or resources for quick recipes. I can’t eat salad for the next month but honestly if that is what will work great. Once I get pregnant, I don’t want to eat salads also because I want to make sure the baby is going to get nutrition. I do take a mulit-vitatmin daily but is that enough?

I’m a white female, 5’6, 155lbs, 32 years old, and I want to lose about 20 lbs before the end of Oct. I always wanted lean legs as that is where my weight lies:hips, butt, and now I’m seeing cellulite in my arms which I never had(I have it on my thighs). I need help guys. I will also try and drink lots of water-how much though? I’m so clueless. I also try and jog everyday, which i’m not consistent at because I try and go at night and I”m tired. I’m not an early bird but how do I change and wake up at 6am to go jogging! Can anyone help, please!!!! I feel gross. One of the worst parts is that I feel muscle under the fat but cant lose it.

Thanks for reading! I’m frustrated!

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