Monday, August 31, 2009 13:19
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DSCN0196.JPGHiking is not only a great way to stay fit; it’s also a blast for the whole family. Yesterday we grabbed the backpacks and hit the trails of Chimney Rock Park for a family hike. What an amazing morning! The weather was gorgeous (sunny and 70 degrees) and every path we explored was filled with Mother Nature at her best. My gang was blown away when we saw frogs, turtles, and even a crayfish. Then we collected acorns for the squirrels, tossed a few rocks in the water, and followed a set of foot prints. The boys were entertained for more than an hour while we trekked up and down hills and
DSCN0193.JPGover a few brooks (and not one complaint). It was so much fun it didn’t feel like a workout, until this morning when my quads were a little sore!


More reasons to hit the trails……

– Hiking is free!

-It’s a great way to cross-train and add some variety to your routine (in fact the Adventure Boot Camp in my area includes one day of hiking each week)!

– It’s a relaxing way to spend a day!

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