Horrible Body Issues: Don’t Know What To Do [Forum]

Thursday, August 19, 2010 11:27
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Hi..my names Anna,and im 16 years old.

I play soccer, and about 2 years ago i injured my knee which caused me to quit soccer.
Luckily, i just started back up again. However, while i was on my break, i gained a lot of weight. I have kids telling me that im a “beast” and im fat and ugly. I weight 143 pounds, and im about 5”6.

I have tried numerous times to run and go on diets..but i just can’t seem to stick with them.

Never once in my life have I ever felt skinny. Once I look back at my pictures when I was skinnier, i now realize that i wasn’t fat. But at that time, I hated my body. And it’s been like this ever since. I look at myself in the mirror day after day evaluating myself and thinking of ways to make me look skinnier.

It’s come to the point where if I feel fat, i won’t leave the house. And yes, not eating has crossed my mind also.

I just don’t know what to do..

I need a good diet plan that will get me results fast.

Or i need to see a specialist about this..but I have no idea how im supposed to tell my mom..

Please, someone..help..

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