How I Lost 50 Pounds Without Fad Diets [Forum]

Tuesday, May 11, 2010 11:45
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Seriously, I really did lose over 50 pounds and I didn’t pay for an expensive trainer or dietitian. I didn’t follow any of the fad diets and I didn’t take any special fruit berries or supplements. Really I didn’t spend much money at all, but what it did take was a lot of hard work.

It wasn’t instant either. If you are looking for some quick fix to fit into a special outfit in a couple of weeks, sorry I don’t know if I can really help you. However, if you are committed and really want to do this then I’m sure the same system can work for you. I won’t tell you its easy though, that would be a lie. There are lots of days that I just wanted to pig out on all my old comfort foods (mmmm…..potato skins loaded with gooey cheese and piled high with sour cream). Getting past that hurdle and actually seeing results makes it all the worth while though.

My system was simple really. I made a lot of little changes in my habits that were not that difficult to make and became so natural that they are part of my regular routine now. The bigger actions were twofold; I got a food diary and I got off my butt.

While tracking everything you eat and drink sounds like a real pain, the trick was getting a handy food diary so I could write things down immediately and keeping it simple. I wrote down EVERYTHING I ate and drank, including the handful of M&Ms I snagged from the office candy dish and the bite of my friends lasagna they said I had to try. Later I sat down and looked up all the calories in everything (that’s the real pain) but even without that writing things down made me accountable for everything I consumed. When I ran out of room to write it all down after attending a summer BBQ I knew I was in trouble and had some habits that needed changing.

To get off my butt, I walked to the office as much as possible. If I drove somewhere, I parked as far away as possible. As painful as it sometimes was, I took stairs over the elevator and escalators (within reason of course). My regular commute to work includes a 50 minute train ride and then a near mile long walk to the office. Sound painful? I got a pair of comfortable walking shoes, left my heals at the office, sucked it up and dealt with it.

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